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YallaClick has all the insurance you will ever need.

Whether you are taking a quick business trip for a few days, or a month’s break to see family back home make sure you are fully covered with a comprehensive Travel Policy from YallaClick.

We can help you find a suitable policy whether it’s for an annual multi trip or a single trip policy and having the right travel policy that includes covers such as COVID-19, travelling against FCO guidelines, Winter Sports or SCUBA Diving is now just as important as your money, tickets & passport.

Single or Multi-trip policies available from Major UAE Insurers.

Compare insurance quotes from several of the Top Insurance companies in the UAE and buy your insurance policy in real time. 

Our Online Car Insurance system will search the best rates for you and after you have made your purchase,  you will receive your policy documents within seconds direct from the insurer, No Waiting, No Hassle, No Call centres, just a seamless journey that you control.

Whether you are looking for fully comprehensive or a simple Third-Party Liability, here at YallaClick we do all of the hard work by searching some of the top insurers for products that you can understand, compare and make choices that are relevant to your circumstances.

If you are living in the UAE, purchasing health cover must be one of your top priorities and here at YallaClick, we promise to take the headache out of shopping for it.

Our system easily searches some of the top UAE Insurers and displays a variety of products so you can easily compare insurance quotes from some of the top companies in the UAE to bring you affordable but useable medical insurance policies.

All of our Dubai policies include the  mandated Dubai Health Authority and they can be purchased for people holding Northern Emirates Visas too. Abu Dhabi health cover can easily be arranged for you, your family, and your staff.

For many people our home is our greatest asset; it’s a place that protects our family and our personal belongings and so it is vitally important that we adequately protect it with a comprehensive Home policy.

When you use YallaClick, your Home contents cover, loss or damage, accidental damage, property damage and alternate accommodation can all be included within your Home policy.

Protect that which keeps you and your family safe by contacting us today for advice and guidance to protect your  house.

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YallaClick can insure you in minutes.

Our portal not only finds you the best rates for you hard earned cash but once you select your quote and pay for it, you will immediately receive your policy direct to your inbox. And because our portal is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week there’s no more waiting for someone to check your documents, no more answering nuisance sales telephone calls, just a simple, seamless process that you control.

Roadside assistance is available on all of our policies, so in the event of a vehicle breakdown you’ll be back on the road again in no time at all.

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Compare Insurance Quotes

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We want you to be confident when buying insurance through our website and so, we have partnered with some of the UAE's largest insurance companies to bring you the very best deals that are available throughout the UAE. Our system will let you compare insurance quotes and buy your insurance online for Motor, Travel and Health Insurance but Home Insurance may take a little bit longer.

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