Insurance Hints and Tips

Schengen Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling to any of the 26 Schengen countries make sure you’re aware of the travel insurance requirements.

Schengen Travel Insurance requirements
Travelling to the UAE

Travelling to the UAE.

If you’re travelling to the UAE make sure you’re aware of the Travel Insurance requirements as they can change quite quickly.

Travelling during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is travel like now since the pandemic? Travel has changed quite drastically in the last few years so check out our interview with an experienced Digital Nomad for some hints and tips

Travelling during covid
Online Insurance in UAE

Insurance Made Easy

Our easy to use portal allows a seamless customer journey when buying insurance

Back from Holiday? Check your car over before you start it

When you return from holiday don’t just start your car up without checking it over first

Car Insurance in Dubai
driving in the UAE YallaClick

Thinking of Driving in the UAE?

Before hiring a car make sure you have the correct insurance when driving in the UAE

Third Party or Fully Comprehensive....

With an ever increasing cost of motor car repairs is it really worth insuring a car under a 3rd party insurance cover?

Confused about insurance

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