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With an ever increasing costs of motor repairs is it really worth insuring a vehicle under a Third Party Liability policy?
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In general, there are two types of car insurance, Fully Comprehensive and Third-Party Liability (TPL). Both of these policies are available from most Car Insurance Companies and are suitable to cover you under the UAE’s mandatory vehicle insurance requirements, but you should be aware of what they cover you for or more important what they do not cover you for in case of an accidents.

With an ever increasing costs of motor repairs is it really worth insuring a vehicle under a Third Party Liability policy?

Having your vehicle covered under Fully Comprehensive covers the driver and the other cars, but having only a TPL, will only cover the other car and passengers in the event that the accident is deemed your fault.

With many people now looking to save money on their car and health insurance policies we are seeing an increase in the purchasing of both health and car insurance online.

However, it makes more sense to choose a Fully Comprehensive Car insurance policy which includes Agency repairs especially if you have a newer vehicle or if you spend long hours driving as the chances of being in an accident are so much greater and your vehicle is covered in full.

At some point in our lives, we will unfortunately be involved in a fender bender or victims of an unscrupulous car park bump that the other party won’t see or will just drive away from and not own up to and depending on the type of insurance coverage you have, your claim may or may not be covered under your insurance policy.  

You would unfortunately be out of pocket because under a TPL policy, the policyholder is liable to pay for all damages to their own vehicles unless it can be recovered from the liable person.

However, if you had a Fully Comprehensive policy, you would be able to approach your insurance company and state claim and whilst you would have to pay the deductible that is mentioned in your policy, the remainder of the balance would be paid for by the insurer.
For those that have a mortgage on their vehicle, many banks within the UAE stipulate that Comprehensive motor insurance policy must be purchased to cover the vehicle during the term of the loan since the bank views the vehicle as security for the loan and rightfully so they want to ensure that the car is fully protected to protect their investment.
All of the Comprehensive policies that we market at YallaClick have added benefits offered by the insurance companies; benefits such as cracked windscreen cover, 7 or 14 days car rental whilst your vehicle is being repaired, 24/7/365 roadside assistance and much more.
Some even allow you to choose the deductible (which is the amount you have to pay if the accident is deemed your fault). Deductibles can range anywhere from AED50 up to AED3,000, but what this really means to you is, the higher the deductible – the lower the insurance premium.
Finding the best car insurance in the UAE, that will cover your vehicle, your personal belongings, loss or damage and property damage from insurance companies in Dubai can be tricky but with YallaClick, we search some of the top UAE insurance companies to bring you the best coverage at a price that is suitable to your pocket.
All our quotations come with a range of different options and benefits, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money but most of all peace of mind

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