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Online Insurance Made Seamless​

YallaClick have managed to turn the process of purchasing insurance through our online portal into a quick, seamless, easy process from beginning to end with ZERO hassle and with the customer in full control.

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Yallaclick for insurance in UAE

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We Are Committed to making insurance accessible for everyone.

From the offset, customers are in the driving seat and are able to compare, review and buy their insurance policies without having to listen to complete multiple, often complicated insurance forms.

The YallaClick insurance comparison portal is the first in the UAE that allows customers the convenience to choose, compare and buy their insurance products with no interruptions and in their own time.  


The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way customers purchase insurance. No one wants to drive, find a parking space, walk in 45-degree heat and then wait in company’s busy office anymore.
Customers want safety, they want ease, they want simplicity and now they can have all that through the YallaClick portal.

We are renown for our excellence in customer service and we have always given our customers an unbiased solution to their insurance requirements and with the YallaClick website, customers have access to information and can purchase insurance 24 hours a day,  all from the safety & comfort of their own homes.

Whether a customer wants to insure their car, home or their travel trip abroad, YallaClick gives you the ability to understand and make informative decisions based on the information you gain from our website.

It’s really as simple and straightforward as that.

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Its that easy, just complete one simple for and our system will do everything for you


Prices quoted in Seconds

We have over products suitable for a range of circumstances, giving you a huge range to select from


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Your policy will be sent to you within 3 business hours saving you phone calls from unwanted sales people.

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