Health Insurance

Health Insurance for people living in the UAE.

Compare Health Insurance quotes with just a few simple clicks.

Living in the UAE, health insurance must be one of your top priorities so here at YallaClick, we’ve promise to take the headache out of shopping for it.

When you use the YallaClick portal, it searches some of the top insurance companies to bring you an affordable, but useable policy to cover you, your family, and your staff.

Health insurance is easily one of the most important types of insurance for you to have. Being in good health is what allows you to work, earn money and otherwise enjoy life.

If you were to have an accident or develop a serious illness without being insured, you may find yourself unable to receive treatment or even find yourself in debt to the hospital.

Health Insurance for Dubai Residents

Thankfully back in 2014, Dubai Health Authority mandated that all people residing in Dubai must have Health Insurance Plan from one of the listed Health Insurance Companies and since then, many employers have provided at least the basic health insurance benefits to their employees. 
But if your employer has not offered a health insurance benefit or if you’re self-employed, you should seriously explore all of the insurance options available to you.

At YallaClick, we have made this task a little easier as we compare many types of medical insurance plans to suit your budget. We try to make sure that any hospitals or clinics that you request are included in your policy but for most, when you are only looking for a health insurance in Dubai then most of the clinics are already there.

Complete the form and our system will search the leading health insurance companies in the UAE and display the quotes on screen so you can compare, in terms of the cost and insurance coverage, all from the comfort of your armchair.

If you do not currently have health insurance cover then YallaClick is the first place to check as we will show you a careful comparison of medical plans to help you decide which one is right for you. Consider the co-pays, deductibles, premium costs, network coverage and covered expenses to determine which plan yields the most benefits for you.

When you use your insurance companies preferred network, you can also benefit from not completing claims forms as they have a direct billing arrangement for the wide range of services that will all be covered under your insurance plan. Pre existing and chronic conditions can also be covered even if you just want the cheapest health care plan available for you.

Medical insurance companies in Dubai that specialise in DHA insurance plans are all connected to our insurance portals and for those people who reside in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, we can still help you in taking out a suitable insurance plan but it may take a little longer to get you the quotes. 

Whether you are a Dubai Resident or a resident of any other Emirate, we can add on optical and dental treatments to any of the plans along with other additional Healthcare Services such as maternity.

International Health Insurance

You’ve got options and they are all about you and your family. We want you to have the coverage you need, so tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll help you find the right plan.

When you require access to a high quality, reliable health care facility, YallaClick knows where to go.

We understand that one of the most important priorities for people travelling internationally is that of healthcare but If you are preparing to move and relocate your family to somewhere new, having a health insurance plan with access to only the best hospitals will of course make life a little bit less stressful for you.

Things to consider when looking for Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance

Provider Network

Are you looking for a Health Insurance Plan that has a specific medical centre within it?
A comprehensive international plan can have access to worldwide medical facilities.  

Full Health Insurance in the UAE

International or Local Cover

Do you need a comprehensive plan that covers you internationally as well as locally?

International Health Insurance

Who is to be covered?

Think about who needs cover. Do you need to cover family? What about employees?
If you have a Dubai or Abu Dhabi visa you will need to cover everyone under your sponsorship.

Dubai Health insurance

Extending your family

Are you looking to extend your family? Maternity cover is mandatory for married women but if you’re looking to have a child then make sure you have the best available cover.

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